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ich hab kein vogel, ich hab mehrere
Entzaubert am Berg / Kosmisches Campen mit Hang zum Feeling
Wonder/Wander I+II • harbour dwellers

Speicher: [Grass Harp]
<Antenne> • <<ANTENNAE>>
Die Rettung der Titanic (auf der Erbse)
Markering I
Du bist Strom
(mælken fryser i sin karton)
Haut-Kotüre I
Akvædukt • Ikaros • Visir
Loop (Variations)
Auf den Punkt kommen
El Lissitzky’s Bad Tooth
4 Letters to the Wind
Landskab I


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vogelmehr [bird studies]
eigenVerlag [upcoming]
Speicher:net [upcoming]
oT [upcoming]

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[live scores 2016︎]
Seed Scores / Notationshefter

flat 2020︎2021
flat 2009︎2019
flat 1987︎2008

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Speicher:Kartöfler [Potato fanzine]
Speicher: [Grass Harp ed 002]
247 km/h
<Antenne> • <<ANTENNAE>>
Begegnungsbuch [Enter Version]
Dage i Kbh

selected collaborations :

Tafel.Tiere.Schüsselgelüster (ich hab kein vogel, ich hab mehrere, Teil III) [upcoming]
Luftfontäne (Wellenritt) [upcoming]
Tiere.Schüssel.Stadtgeflüster (ich hab kein vogel, ich hab mehrere, Teil II) 
Gesellschaftsgalaxien bekommen Gesellschaft
oT spri trifft burgund t brandt: ISOLATION (II) • Hochstand #8 (III)
Morning Songs
The Mondrian Fan Club Pavillion
offene Impro 2016︎2020
The Marble Publicist
Fruit Processor
The Dancing Volcanoes - The Letter ‘B’ from Berlin To Brazil
Sky Soar
Dr. Bild

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London Biennale
Schau Fenster
CHB Berlin
Vierte Welt
Biennale Arte Venezia 2017
David Medalla Archives
Fondació Juan Miró
Leo Kestenberg Musikschule museumMAN
Danger Museum
Grass Harp Berlin

Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Biennale Arte Venezia 2015
SUMMA Madrid
Kochi-Muziris Biennale
Malmö Högskola
Galeria Emma Thomas
another vacant space.
DIY Church
Centro Cultural Itaú
förderband berlin


<Antenne> • <<ANTENNAE>>


Work show space with new and less new works, tweaked and changing over the course of a month.

Curated by <Adam Nankervis>
@ another vacant space., Berlin

(giffed by DJ Schlucht)

excerpt from the press release on

"another vacant space. presents a fusion of Kupferberg's new works and explorations from the past five years in an interventionist, installative diorama of a performative, participatory, and a changing nature lending a constant flux to the experience of the exhibition during its course." 

documentation by <Adam Nankervis> and <D.K.>

Opening 18.7.2013, 19h

DIY Church #187 @ <Antenne> live webcast 

DIYChurch in an exhibition @another vacant space. (Biesentaler Str. 16 13359 Berlin /// M13 Osloer Str./Prinzenallee) where by Daniel Kupferberg was on display. Within the exhibition Daniel presented different states and aspects of his artwork. For the radio show he presented some of his audio / composition works & talked about visual artists working with audio and audio artists working visual also for the balance in the arts there is a 3rd guest.
Sara Lehn who does the a radio project radio de la culture visuelle.
the radio event was public.

audio file available from

kudos to DJ Schlucht & Sara Lehn/radio de la culture visuelle!

July 29 2013, 19-21h/7-9pm

image: <Adam Nankervis>

<Antenne> : Newer Movements

Showcasing the following video pieces, with/out sound:

a.    You Are Here
         (2007; 1min29),
b.    Markering II
         (2013; 2min55),
c.    Speicher III: Browser
         (2013; 2min50),
d.    Double Portrait
         (2013; 0min50),
e.    Bloom (excerpts)
          (2013; various brevities)
f.     Floodlands
          (2013; 0min50),
g.    Sun Moon Overcast Eclipse
          (2013; 0min40)
h.    Holm
          (2013; 4min33)

as well as
i.     Mæanderthaler (40m version)
          (2012; 24min32)

July 27 2013, 20h/8pm

Pantheon/Multiplex eclipsing Markering II

Pantheon/Multiplex eclipsing Sun Moon Overcast Eclipse;
both images: <Adam Nankervis>


Launching of along with the opening of a dialogue-based group show within <Antenne> featuring contributions from:

<Adam Nankervis> • <Alice Escher> • <Alona Shnira> • <David Medalla> • <Dirk Sorge> • <Flavia Spichtig> • <Fritz Bornstueck> • <James Edmonds> • <Jhs. S.> • <Kathrin Köster> • <Lee Stevens> • <Lonny Fechner> • <Markues> • <Markus Stein> • <Megumi Fukuda> • <Mitya Churikov> • <Olaf Schmidt> • <Ole Bremer P.> • <O.M.> • <Petra Graf> • <Philipp Modersohn> • <Pius Fox> • <Thomas Heidtmann> • <Ulrike Bernard> • <Wicki Bernhard> • <Win Muy Yuen>
& <<mehr>> • + <<même plus>> • <<a. more>>

documentation by <Adam Nankervis> and <D.K.>

Press release from

In conjunction with the launching of his new website Daniel Kupferberg has invited artists with whom he has been in frutuitous dialogue over the course of the last few years, to intervene in the current construct of his exhibtion. To hang, rehang, lay out, send, intervene and enter a dialogue in unison and individually within the space <Antenne>.

08.08.2013, 20h • until 18.08.2013

<Fritz Bornstück> Pixel Sea Punk (2013)

<Pius Fox> & <D.K.> Doctor Bild (2008 / 2013)

<Lonny Fechner> Gråt Stillleben [Gray Still Life] (2013)
<D.K.> Pantheon/Multiplex (2012/2013)
<Flavia Spichtig> Brunnen (2013)
<D.K.> Snake (2013)

<Thomas Heidtmann> Rampe (2013)

<James Edmonds> Hochschwab Collages (2013)

<Markues> As we cannot go back to nature ... (2013)
<Win Muy Yuen> Büchertisch (2013)
<D.K>. Antenne (2008) + Snake (2013)
<Megumi Fukuda> Shadowless Shadow (from: Living Case Study #Berlin) (2013)

<Petra Graf> Corner Piece (2013)
<Lee Stevens> Untitled
<D.K.> Markering I (2009)
<Alice Escher> Hasen (2013)

<David Medalla> & <D.K.> Bridging Two Climbable Mountain Tops (2013)

featured on 

<Lonny Fechner> Gråt Stillleben [Gray Still Life] (2013; sketch)

<Markus Stein> Psychologisches Surf (Excerpt) (2013)

<D.K.> with <Francesca Vantaggio> un altro spazio vacante. (2013)

<Flavia Spichtig> Flip (2011)

<Win Muy Yuen> Büchertisch [Book Display Table] (2013)

feat. artist books/maps/pamphlets by :
<Mitya Churikov> Untitled
<Lee Stevens> BITTE • The Hand that Takes • Untitled • words don’t come easy
<David Medalla> Art is in the Air
<Dirk Sorge> Ein Ich als Datencollage
<D.K.> Begegnungsbuch (feat. <Olaf Schmidt>) • Nyt HefteNy Bog
<Ole Bremer P.> Kaum Hörbare Kombinationen
<Ulla Bernard> Fame
<Kathrin Köster/D.K.> Edit
<Wicki Bernhardt> Music, Movement and War

ANTENNAE, edited by <D.K.> and <James Edmonds>, 2015, with shout-outs to <Adam Nankervis>

<David Medalla> Customs

Participatory performance,
documentation by
<D.K.> and <Adam Nankervis>

Press Release (experpt)

David Medalla: Customs -
An Homage to Henri Rousseau 

This event is a contiuum of

<< ANTENNAE >> @ < Antenne >

an interactive performative action in response to Daniel Kupferberg's < Antenne >

please bring a pencil and sketch pad

June 2013

<David Medalla> Customs (video still)

<Antenne> • <<ANTENNAE>> publication

Flippable booklet release. An eigenVerlag / avs. publishing. joint publication; limitless editition, both in b/w and colour, 64 pages, stapled.

notes from Speicher:GH :

fællesudgivelse i endeløst oplag, dokumenterer en løbende forandret solo/gruppeudstilling. Om sending og modtagelse, om ikke at skabe (sig) i et vakuum  //
joint publication, limitless edition. Documents a changing solo/group show. On sending and receiving, on not creating within a vacuum

June 2015

excerpts from the publication
[slightly edited, 26.01.2021] :

A n t e n n e > : a grouping exhibition, a gathering of coordinates • to re-visit works and fragments in words and notions from the previous 5 years; to draw connections and threads, form a web in which the paths cross to form intersections that point out _ in <a language of one’s/my own> • co-formulation in dialogue with <Adam Nankervis> • a starting point is the slim, erect construction of the blinking A n t e n n e, an aereal which sends and receives migrating S i g n a l s, impulses, images, thoughts, migraines, hopes, anxieties, emotions and other concepts from within and without, cross-referencing and inter-weaving • in the center of the space a L o o p, demarking the immediate space, the outstretched periphery of my own proportions, ready for active turns, for action : L o o p/R o t a t i o n • radius of play, border (control), a space of one’s own, to fill, to gap? • A k v æ d u k t : potential in thought and action; the bridge between idea and execution, connections between impulse and consequence; a link across the gap along the valley of the curving arm, between head and hand • M a r k e r i n g  I : marking of usage, ambiguity of territorial song; the demarcation as a abasis of civilisation: raum-räumung (hello <Heidegger>); concepts of order/submission to what to whom? • the word and the matter : G r æ s : for <Inger Christensen>; photo montage grass plane planet, human hand AstroTurf • D i e  R e t t u n g  d e r  T i t a n i c  (a u f  d e r  E r b s e) : pre-collition prevention venture; gelly ocean, toothache notions (princess mattress <Andersen>) • 2 0 1 9 : un-topic architectural marquette draughts, a series of floating scarcities and malfunctions; heterotopy, <M.F.>?: stairways with no start and no end, <Mario Bros.> warp-plumbing, carefully outlined wiring; bringt colours dead end symblism, play? i iterate: 1992 is the year of the future in <Philipp K. Dick>’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? from 1966/68; in 1982, that future is coming up too soon for <Ridley Scott>, who instead places his vision of the Blade Runner in 2019, just 6 years ahead of “now” • what happened to the future? •  G A V L  : a gable intervention drawn with cloth onto the back side of a public school building in Zhdenijevo, a small village in Galicia at the eastern end of the Carpathians in the western part of the Ukraine; two triangles: one pointing upwards, on downwards •  P a n t h e o n / M u l t i p l e x  :  < A > >  V e r s i o n : architecture on wheels, other beings, other perspectives; each cave under a cove, back lit screen, unfinished business, changing contents •  M æ a n d e r t h a l e r ,  p i c k l e d  +  4 0 m  v e r s i o n  : film strip story re/readabilities, perspective play •  .  •   O T  s i n g t :  • H _ N D  •  K A P S E L  •  D u s t  •  S h a p e s h i f t e r s  •  T r o p h y  G a l l e r y  •  B l i n d s  •  D / W  •  G r i d d e r  •  M i d g a ° a r d  •  S n a k e  •  A p p e a r a n c e  •  u n  a l t r o  s p a z i e  v a c a n t e  •  E r k l ä r u n g s - B e d a r f  • a video screening • <DIY Church> webradio night •  < < A N T E N N A E > >  :  c o m m u n a l  c o o k i n g  b r a c k e t  t r a n s f o r m a t i o n  b o u q u e t  t o s s  < A n t e n n e >

< >

an another vacant space., Berlin / eigenVerlag joint publication 2013/2015.
all works courtesy of the respective <<artists>>. // cc-by-nc-sa

thank yous to <Adam Nankervis>, <David Medalla>, <Francesca Vantaggio>, <Elmar Kaiser>, <Birgit Dahlke> and everyone else involved <3 • photo documentation by <D.K.> and <Adam Nankervis> • glass vitrines courtesy of a v s . • layout by <D.K.> 2014/5 • printversion aug 2015